// BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award 2022

The BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award is a prestigious event that recognizes the achievements of suppliers in six different categories. The award recognises suppliers who have developed innovative technologies that support the automaker's goal of shaping the future of mobility.

AUMOVIS – the world’s first autonomously moving LED wall, that creates exciting and memorable experiences, was used at the awards ceremony to support laudators and the moderation with artificial intelligence. With its help, a unique experience was created for the guests. An important argument for the use of AUMOVIS was the innovative package of technologies, which also perfectly embodies BMW's fields of innovation.

AUMOVIS is a revolutionary entertainment solution that provides an innovative, immersive experience for events. The wall can move autonomously in its environment and react to people or objects. It can be used for interactive experiences, dynamic visuals that capture guests' attention and other innovative event formats. 

In addition to the visual and interactive elements of AUMOVIS, the autonomous LED wall has other features that set it apart from conventional industry solutions. For example, it is possible to use mobile LED modules in locations that do not offer sufficient ceiling load for conventional track systems. In addition, movements and sequences can be carried out that were previously inconceivable, which opens up new possibilities for creativity in event planning.


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